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Rootstock Trials

Current Plantings

2023 Cider Apple Rootstock (Gregory Peck)

2019 Apple Rootstock (Todd Einhorn/Stefano Musacchi)

2017 Tart Cherry Rootstock (Greg Lang)

2017 Sweet Cherry Systems x Rootstock (Greg Lang)

2017 Semi-dwarf Peach Rootstock (Ioannis Minas)

2015 Organic Apple Rootstock (Wes Autio)

2014 Apple Rootstock (John Cline)

2013 Pear Training/Spacing/Rootstock (Todd Einhorn)

2010 Apple Rootstock (Wesley Autio)

2010 Sweet Cherry Rootstock & Training Systems (Greg Lang)

2009 Peach Rootstock (Greg Reighard)

Completed plantings

2006 Apple Replant Trial (Terence Robinson)

2006 Cherry Physiology (Greg Lang)

2005 Pear Rootstock Trial (?)

2004 Pear Rootstock Trial (?)

2003 Apple (Golden Delicious) Physiology Trial (Rich Marini)

2003 Dwarf Apple Rootstock Trial (Rich Marini)

2002 Apple (Gala) Rootstock Trial (Wes Autio, coordinator)

2002 New Jersey-Massachusetts Cameo Rootstock Trial (Win Cowgill)

2002 Peach Rootstock Trial (Scott Johnson)

2002 Peach Physiology Trial (Scott Johnson)

2001 Peach Rootstock Trial (Greg Reighard)

2002 Pear Rootstock Trial (Todd Einhorn and Steve Catagnoli)

1999 Dwarf Apple (Fuji and McIntosh) Rootstock Trial (Wes Autio)

1999 Semi-dwarf Apple (McIntosh and Fuji) Rootstock Trial (Wes Autio)

1998 Cherry Rootstock Trial

1998 G.16 Apple Rootstock Trial (Terence Robinson)

1994 Peach Rootstock Trial (Greg Reighard)

1994 Gala Dwarf Apple Rootstock Trial (Rich Marini)

1994 Gala Semi-dwarf Apple Rootstock Trial (Rich Marini)

1992-1993 Liberty/CG Apple Rootstock Trial (Terence Robinson)

1990 Apple Systems Trial (Rich Marini)

1990 Gala Apple Rootstock Trial (Rich Marini)

1990 Apple Cultivar/Rootstock Apple Trial (Wes Autio)

1990 Plum Rootstock Trial (Robert Anderson)

1988 Pear Rootstock Trial (Anita Azarenko)

1987 Cherry Rootstock Trial (Ron Perry)