NC-140 Planting Trial Descriptions

Trial: 1999 NC-140 DWARF Apple Rootstock Trial

1999 Massachusetts NC-140 Apple Rootstock Trial

Objective: To assess performance of CG, G, and Supporter apple rootstocks

Cultivars: McIntosh and Fuji

Rootstocks: CG.4013, CG.5179. CG.5202, CG.3041, CG.5935, G.16N, G.16T, M.26EMLA, M.9NAKBT337, Supporter 1, Supporter 2, Supporter 3

Spacing(m): 3 X 5

Trainings System: Vertical axis

Supported: Yes

Locations (State or Province): Fuji -- CA, IN, KY, MO, NC, OH, PA, SC UT, and WA; McIntosh -- MA, MI, MN, NY, NS, ON, PA, and VT

Publications: A 5 year summary and 10 year summary will be developed

Trial Coordinator: Wesley R. Autio

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