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2010 Apple Rootstock Trial


Wesley Autio, UMass Amherst, 205 Paige Laboratory, 161 Holdsworth Way, Amherst, MA 01003-9286,, 413-545-2963

Planting locations

Honeycrisp sites: BC, CHIH (Chihuahua Mexico), CO, IL, IN, IA, MA, MN, MI, NJ, NS, NY-G, OH, UT, WI.

Fuji sites: CHIH (Chihuahua Mexico), ID, KY, NC, NY-HV, PA, UT

Scion variety

Honeycrisp and 'Aztec' Fuji


B.9, B.10, B.7-3-150, B.7-20-21, B.67-5-32, B.64-194, B.70-6-8, B.70-20-20, B.71-7-22, G.11, G.41 N, G.41 TC, G.202 N, G.202 TC, G.935 N, G.935 TC, CG.2034, CG.3001, CG.4003, CG.4004, CG.4013, CG.4214, CG.4814, CG.5087, CG.5222, PiAu 51-11, PiAu-9-90, Supporter 3, M.26 EMLA, M.9 Pajam2, M.9 NAKBT337


4 ft. by 12 ft. (Honeycrisp) or 6 ft. by 14 ft. (Fuji)

Training and support

Tall Spindle

Annual reports

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New NC-140 Apple Rootstock Trials Planted in Massachusetts and New Jersey in the Spring of 2010. 2010. Autio, W., J. Krupa, J. Clements, W. Cowgill, and R. Magron. Fruit Notes, Volume 75, Number 3. 1-3.



MA Trees at 2013 Harvest (Clements TSA Rating)

PA Fuji Trees at 2013 Harvest