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2002 Apple Cameo Rootstock Trial


Win Cowgill, P.O. Box 143, Baptistown, NJ 08803

Jon Clements, UMass Extension, 393 Sabin St., Belchertown, MA 01007

Planting locations

MA and NJ

Scion variety

Cameo ('Caudle' cv.)


B.9, M.9 NAKBT-337, Geneva 16


2.5 (NJ) or 1.2 (MA) x 4.5 m

Training and support

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Clements, Jon M., W.P. Cowgill, R. Magron, and W.R. Autio. 2013. Ten-year Performance of Cameo® Apple Trees on Three Dwarf Rootstocks in Massachusetts and New Jersey as Part of the NC-140 Regional Rootstock Research Project. (Abstract.) HortScience, 48(9) (Supplement): S4 Abstract|Poster

Clements, Jon, W. Autio, J. Krupa, W. Cowgill, R. Magron, and S. Sollner-Figler. 2012. 2002 Massachusetts/New Jersey 'Cameo' Dwarf Rootstock Trial. Fruit Notes 77(1):4-6.

Clements, J.M and W.R. Autio. 2006. G.16 versus M.9 and B.9 in the 2002 Massachusetts-New Jersey Cameo Rootstock Trial. Fruit Notes 71(1):11.

Clements, J.M., W.P. Cowgill, W. R. Autio, and D. Ward. 2008. Five-year performance of three dwarf apple rootstocks with ‘Cameo’TM apple. HortScience. 43(4): 1194. (Abstr.) Poster


QuickTime video sequence of Massachusetts planting, October, 2003

Photo gallery of Massachusetts planting, October, 2003