NC-140 Planting Trial Descriptions

Trial: 2001 Peach Rootstock

Objective: Evaluate new rootstocks for peach with respect to precocity, productivity, size control, anchorage, suckering, pest resistance, adaptability, and production efficiency in different locations throughout North America.

Cultivars: Redtop, Redhaven, or Cresthaven

Rootstocks: BH-4, SLAP, SC-17, Lovell, Bailey, Cadaman, Julior, P30-135, Jaspi, Pumiselect, Hiawatha, K146-43, K146-44, VVA-1

Spacing (m): 5 X 6

Trainings System: Open-center

Supported: No

Locations (State or Province): Redtop -- CA, SC, MD, GA; Redhaven -- IN, MO (SMSU), ONT, NJ, MI, UT; Cresthaven -- IL, NY, AR, CO, WA, TX (NY and AR did not plant their trees and the plantings failed in the first year in IL and MI)

Publications: None to date.

Trial Coordinator: Greg Reighard

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